Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I work best supervising others . . .

Monday, late afternoon, Judy discovered the sewer backing up into our basement. Called a plumber, who after 5 p.m. is very expensive. He looked at things and said it is not a plumbing problem but a sewer line problem. We called Roto Rooter. They actually came about 8 p.m. He was able to get our line open again, but couldn't get his snake beyond about 184' and our line is closer to 300' across two neighbors' yards. We dug out a second closer clean-out valve (see picture above) Tuesday, and he returned today with a snaking camera to find out what was wrong inside the line. We found the line has been crushed and only about 2" of space was letting water through. We are going to have to dig down about 5' in one of the neighbor's yards to repair the line, maybe taking out some sidewalk or street to do so. I am expecting a 2-3 thousand dollar expense out of this.
It is good I have a job. This is how you win friends and influence neighbors.

Then Katie observed. . .

Katie watched me as I placed out the materials for our next lesson, chin cupped in her hand, elbow on the table. Then she asked, "Why is your ear growing a beard?"
Ohhh, the changes time has wrought.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Katie came in . . .

Katie came in from recess, just a rubbing her nose tip in circles with her palm very vigorously.

"What's the matter, Katie? Do you have hayfever?" I asked.

"No. Just a big booger in my nose that won't come out. And I tried to sneeze, and sneeze, and everything, but it still won't come out," Katie replied. "Like this . . . " And here she demonstrated the ol' farmer's handkerchief trick of blowing one's nose with the thumb and index finger, the hand upside down, with the palm facing forward, and leaning over.

"Well, there is a tissue in the box in the corner if you want to try one," I said.

"Okay." Taking a tissue, she held it up with two hands to her nose and blew. Then held it down and inspected the contents curously.

Her face just lit up with joy! "I guess I just needed more pressure," she exclaimed!