Saturday, June 20, 2009

Law of Threes Disproven

#4. Could hear water running in the pipes yesterday morning; thought a toilet needed "looking into" because all the hoses were indeed off. Or the water heater was going out, or the softener, maybe. Put off further checking. Last night could hear it still and checked further. Found the pressure reduction valve leaking and spraying water all over the crawl space. Learned two things: plumbing repairs are more expensive at night, and it pays to thoroughly check immediately when you hear water running and it shouldn't be.

#5. Came home from shopping and lunch with Dreampacker yesterday, and found the horses had opened the pasture gate and turned our yard into a race track. The lawn and garden are heavily churned up from the orchard to the vineyard with holes and skid marks. At least they didn't do damage to the neighbors' yards or get out onto the street, or up on the mountain.

(Or is this the beginning of a second set of three?)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Profound Question

While cleaning clogged rain gutters in the storm this morning, I wondered why is it we (I) tend to postpone necessary tasks when they are convenient, till the time they are necessary? You know, like paying taxes on the 15th?

The Law of Threes

First, Judy sat at a stop sign and observed an oncoming car run thru it, only to be T-boned by the vehicle with the right of way. The spinning cars rear-ended Judy's Pilot. She wasn't hurt, gratefully.

Second, I lost a $2000 hearing aid in the tall grasses along the road side. Too embarrassing to explain how. Judy found it under knee high grasses 45 minutes later.

Third, a nearly empty salt shaker slipped out of the fingers, landed on the glass stove top, and shattered it. Repairs pending. Microwave works, though.

Hope the Law of Three's holds; this is enough for awhile.